Floor Sanding and Polishing in Canberra

Seek Floor Sanding and Polishing in Canberra to Return an Old Floor to Life

As time wears on, your floor accumulates scratches, indentations, and other damage. Sometimes, these scratches provide an inlet for water, leading to mould and other problems that undermine both the beauty and physical integrity of your flooring. Fortunately, there are solutions to resolve this issue, whether for your own comfort and appreciation or in preparation for a home sale. Below, we review the two main ways you can adequately address this problem through the efficient workmanship of Capital Floors’ well-trained team: new installations, and floor sanding in Canberra.

Installing a New Floor: Full Replacement with Any Style You Choose

In cases where there has been structural damage, there’s no option other than to remove the old floor and replace it with a new one. For those who are seeking to update an old and worn floor, however, it’s important to weigh the distinctions between renovating your current floor and replacing it with a new one.

New flooring’s most significant advantage is in replacing the old floor. If you have fallen out of love with the old style, or it was already installed when you purchased your home, and you’ve merely been tolerating it since then, a new installation gives you total control over the style of your floor. There are several categories of flooring for new installations, including timber, engineered timber, bamboo, and laminate.

Timber gives your home an elegant, organic appearance. Natural variation in the grain and heft of the floor pleases those who appreciate the sophisticated look of timber. If you want to evoke that naturalistic appearance while maintaining the precision of modern design, then engineered timber is the right choice for you. Bamboo and laminate options each have significant variety within their categories, with the former featuring more organic material while the latter permits remarkable customisation options.

Renovating an Old Floor: How Floor Polishing in Canberra Works for You

For those who love their old floor or don’t want to incur the costs associated with installing an entirely new surface, this is the stronger option. We sand your current floor, then provide floor polishing in Canberra to restore that good-as-new shine. The sanding removes surface imperfections and reveals fresh wood beneath the surface. By then sealing and polishing this exposed floor, we restore its strength and resistance to damage from standard wear and tear.

While this is not suited to every floor, we recommend sanding and polishing for those who are generally happy with their home aesthetic but desire to repair simple damage and revitalise flooring that’s showing its age. If you aren’t sure which the best option is, our friendly flooring consultants will answer all your questions.

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