Bamboo Timber Flooring in Fyshwick

Why Choose Bamboo or Timber Flooring and Reflooring in Fyshwick?

In the last decade, bamboo has come into vogue as an attractive and sustainable option for home flooring. With the lustre of natural hardwood but cheaper and better for the environment, bamboo is an excellent alternative for those seeking an Earth- and budget-conscious choice for their home flooring. Bamboo is a unique and dependable material for your floors, standing the test of time in both style and quality.If you are looking for bamboo flooring or reflooring here in Fyshwick, look no further. At Capital Floors, we offer exclusive options for bamboo flooring options. We also offer traditional choices like vinyl, laminate, and timber flooring. With twenty-plus years in the flooring industry, we’ll be able to help upgrade your Fyshwick home, whether you are looking for bamboo floors or another beautiful option.

The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring for Your Fyshwick Home

If you are asking yourself the question, “why bamboo?”, there are dozens of reasons why bamboo flooring is a great option, not including how great it is going to look! Durable and versatile, there is quite a lot to love about bamboo. Here are just some of the reasons our customers have increasingly turned to bamboo flooring and reflooring in Fyshwick.

Environmental Sustainability: as a building material, bamboo is unique. Bamboo is considered a “renewable grass”, growing far faster than trees like oak that are often used in flooring. Reaching their maturity in five years or less, bamboo regeneration rates lead to a far decreased risk of deforestation, allowing for better growing and harvesting habits.

Long-Term Durability: Bamboo is, however, no less reliable or durable than standard timber or hardwood. Bamboo has been used for hundreds of years as a building material and has stood the test of time in quality. That mean you won’t have to worry about constant reflooring or replacement, as bamboo hold up just as well as, if not better than, hardwood floors.

Cost-Efficient: If you are on a budget but want the look of timber flooring in Fyshwick, bamboo will give that style to you. Our bamboo flooring options give you a choice of hardwood-style finishes, such as espresso or walnut, at a cost far less than traditional wood styles. By choosing bamboo, you end up not only helping to save the environment but also saving your own bank account in the process!

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Whether you are looking for bamboo, vinyl, or timber flooring in Fyshwick, we can help you. Our staff has been in the business of flooring and reflooring for nearly twenty years and can certainly help your home. With a range of flooring products available to you, including exclusive bamboo flooring for your Fyshwick home, you will find our products as reliable and satisfying as our service. Get in touch online here, or give us a call today to find out more about our flooring products and services.