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The Benefits of Timber Flooring and Where to Find Wood, Vinyl, Laminate, and Bamboo Flooring Specialists in Canberra

If you’re in the market for new flooring, you’ve probably discovered you have seemingly endless options, making the decision an overwhelming one. However, it’s easy to narrow down your choices when you consider the many advantages of timber flooring in Canberra.Timber may cost a bit more than some of your other options, but it offers impressive benefits that outweigh the initial investment. Here are some of the things you’ll love about your timber floor.

Great quality

Good timber floors last for decades. Most people find they need to replace their carpet every five years, or even more frequently, thanks to stains, worn areas, fading, or just general shabbiness from normal wear and tear. Timber floors are low-maintenance and long-lasting and can actually look better as time goes by.

Easy care

Timber floors are much easier to clean than carpet. A quick sweep or light vacuum is all you need most of the time to keep a wood floor looking great. If you have a spill or your children or pets track mud inside, it’s not a problem: just use a damp mop to remove the dirt. You have probably already experienced how much more difficult it is to remove dirt and spills from carpet.

Better hygiene

There’s no question timber flooring is more hygienic than carpet. Carpets have been known to harbour bacteria and parasites–and even plain old dirt gets ground down into the carpet and becomes impossible to completely remove over the years. Carpet is a nightmare for anyone with certain allergies, as this type of floor covering makes a comfortable home for dust mites, fleas, and other allergens. A timber floor can save you a lot of suffering, especially if you have pets.

Fewer odours

Because timber floors are so easy to clean thoroughly, you’ll find they just don’t maintain odours the way carpet can. A freshly-polished wood floor looks and smells clean and pleasant, boosting your home’s comfort level and aesthetic appeal.

Easy repairs

If your timber floor does become scratched or damaged from heavy wear and tear, it’s easy and affordable for flooring specialists in Canberra to sand and seal it to restore its lustre. This option is much less expensive than entirely replacing a carpet.

Where to find timber, bamboo, vinyl, or laminate flooring in Canberra

At Capital Floors, we love the look, durability, and timeless appeal of timber floors. We also offer a range of other options including vinyl, laminate, and bamboo flooring in Canberra. We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and offer convenient mobile service, including after hours, to suit your schedule. Our established company employs qualified professionals who know how to deliver the high-quality work you need and the personalised service you want, all at competitive prices.

If you’re looking for flooring professionals to install timber, bamboo, laminate, or vinyl flooring in Canberra, contact Capital Floors today to schedule your free consultation.