Enviorolux Stockmans Ridge - Brush Box



envirolux provides a high value flooring solution with the same performance as envirofloor while achieving highest recovery of Australian hardwood in utilising valuable timber resources.

VENEER 0.6mm face veneer nominal thickness
SUBSTRATE Cross-laminated plantation Eucalyptus
SIZE  1830 x 136 x 14/0.6mm, 1830 x 186 x 14/0.6mm
CLICK Patented Välinge click locking system
FINISH  14 Coats, UV cured, high dent and scratch resistance, micro-bevelled
WARRANTY 25 year domestic or 10 year commercial warranty
STANDARD Manufactured to meet globally recognised standards: ASTM D-2394; ASTM D-3359 and ASTM D-4060
PACKING 136mm wide – 6 pieces covering 1.493m2 per carton. 77 cartons or 114.982m2 per pallet 186mm wide – 6 pieces covering 2.042m2 per carton. 55 cartons or 112.325m2 per pallet

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