Bamboo Timber Flooring in Fyshwick

Add Elegance to Your Home with Quality Floorboards and Other Flooring in Fyshwick from Capital Floors

There is little that evokes a sense of home and comfort like a well-designed room with timber floorboards in Fyshwick. Capital Floors offers numerous styles of flooring, including various hardwoods, laminates, and bamboo. If you aren’t sure about the best style to suit your home in Fyshwick, our flooring consultants provide a free consultation, so you can receive experienced assistance in discerning the correct flooring for you.Learn the Benefits of Each Style of Flooring for Fyshwick Homes

Any installation of new flooring in Fyshwick has the potential to increase home value, reduce stress, and better express yourself as a homeowner, but each style has its own qualities.

  • Timber – Solid timber flooring in Fyshwick presents a traditional elegance and naturalistic appearance. Due to its natural quality, there is some size variance and difficulty involved in acquiring the perfect fit, so it is less suited to a DIY installation.
  • Engineered Timber – This style blends the naturalistic appearance of timber with the manufactured precision of laminate or other flooring. With correct measurements, you’ll have a tight floor that still maintains the elegance of hardwood.
  • Laminate – Many of our clients adore the ease of installation and breadth of style choices with laminate flooring in Fyshwick.
  • Bamboo – Consider bamboo as an alternative to timber when you need a thinner material that still offers the natural tones and style variation, you’ll find in wood.

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